Interest Free Banking- Hibir Haq

Hibret Bank provides Interest Free Banking services which are complaint to the sharia principle.

Wadi’ah Saving Account

Wadi'ah refers to a contract by which an owned asset is placed with another party based on trusteeship (Amanah) for...

Mudarabah Investment Saving Account

An investment account where the customer deposits money for an unspecified period

Mudarabah Fixed Term Deposit

Money deposits accepted for a specified period at a specified rate of profit expected from the bank’s investment under its interest...

Trade Based Financing

Interest free - trade based financing

Rent Based

Interest free - rent based financing

Investment Based Financing

Interest free - investment based financing


Interest free - loan financing

Frequently Asked Questions /FAQ/

Interest-free - Frequently Asked Questions /FAQ/


Interest free - diaspora financing

Tailored Services and Guarantees

Benefit package for NGO...