Tailored Services and Guarantees

Hibret Bank Provides Interest Free Banking service which are complaint to the sharia principle

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  • Gives you extra security
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Murabaha NGO Staff Financing

Hibret Bank has arranged benefit package for employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through which they can take personal, housing and automobile financings from our Bank with lower markup rates

Financing Features

  • The borrowing capacity of the employees shall be determined based on his/her gross salary (excluding allowances) and age


  • Employees working for NGOs

IFB Bank Guarantees (Kafalah)

The Bank‟s interest free wing avails all types of Bank Guarantees that is parallel to the Conventional Banking guarantees including:

  • Bid Bond Kafalah 
  •  Performance Kafalah 
  •  Advance Payment Kafalah 
  • Customs Bond Kafalah…etc

Hawalah/Hiwala and Wakalah

This is a service based contracts of Hawalah which is “transfer of a debt liability from the transferor to the payer” for its IFB remittance services both International and local. The Bank avails service based contracts of Wakalah which is “the act of one party delegating the other to act on its behalf on what can be a subject matter of delegation” for its IFB foreign trade activities. Moreover, the bank uses the concept of Wakalah in various Islamic products such as Musharakah, Mudarabah, Murabaha, Salam, Istisna and Ijarah.