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SWIFT Transfer

International money transfer service for receiving money from abroad through the Bank's swift code as well as the vast correspondent bank network of the Bank


  • Our large network of correspondent Banks around the globe, grants the most efficient and swift incoming & outgoing transfer services, eligible clients can get MT 940 via SWIFT to view their account statements
  • It is possible to transfer foreign currency from any of our account maintained in any foreign bank having a bilateral key exchange arrangement with Hibret Bank
  • Upon receipt of incoming foreign transfer payment orders by SWIFT, customer account will be credited directly
  • SWIFT and/or payment instructions may be cancelled at the request of the remitter and or by Correspondent Banks when they are unable to effect payment


  • Eligible clients for whom money is sent from abroad

Remittance Services

Hibret Bank also renders remittance through international Money Transfer Operators working with the Bank. Currently, the Bank works with the following International Money Transfer Agents

  • Western Union 
  • MoneyGram 
  • Xpress Money 
  •  Kaah 
  • Ria 
  • Dahabshill 
  • Lari Exchange 
  •  Small World 
  • Upesi 
  •  World Remit

Fund Management

Fund Management: Hibret Bank has NOSTRO account– an account opened at overseas banks in hard currencies to be used for settlement of payments on behalf of customers. The settlement is done in line with NBE's directive